4 Harmful Ingredients Used In Chemical Based Beauty Products

Are you really getting the skin care you want? You have been using expensive chemical based beauty products but still not satisfied. Even if you are getting decent results then you should understand that the chemicals used in these products are taking toll on the health of your skin. You look at your reflection in the mirror and see glowing skin. Are you sure that this glowing skin is healthy? You know nothing about the effects of these chemical based beauty products on the inner layers of the skin. This is the reason why Certified Organic Beauty Products in Australia are becoming more and more popular. These products not only deliver the desired results but also improve the health of your skin.

There are three layers of skin – epidermis layer (the outermost layer), dermis layer (under the epidermis layer) and hypodermis layer (under the dermis layer). These layers are composed of two proteins collagen and Elastin. Collagen is responsible for the strength of the skin and elastin is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Chemicals used in the mainstream beauty products can cause damage to collagen and elastin. The skin loses its strength and elasticity which will worsen the condition of your skin. This will further cause dryness, wrinkles and fine lines.

Following are the harmful chemicals used in the mainstream beauty products. These chemicals are not used in Certified Organic Beauty Products in Australia.

Some Alcohols

Have a look at the ingredients of the anti-aging skin care product you are using. It consists of drying agents such as SD alcohol, methanol, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. All these alcohols reduce skin’s natural oils which further causes irritation and premature aging.


Sulfates are found in shampoos, cleaners and body washes. These are the same chemicals used in car-wash soaps, floor scrubbing solutions, and engine degreasers. These chemicals are very corrosive and harsh. These ingredients used in chemical based products can cause fine lines, wrinkles, premature aging, irritation and skin corrosion.

Mineral Oil

This oil comes from petroleum. Mineral oil creates a sort of thin film on the skin. This film clogs pores and also affects the natural ability of skin to cleanse itself. Acne is caused due to clogged pores. Mineral oil can cause other skin problems including irritation, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Chemical Sunscreens

Oxybenzone, Octyl Methoxycinnamate and Benzophenone-3 cause radical damage in sunrays. However, chemical sunscreens with a good balance of antioxidants are not that harmful. Exposure to UV rays and free radicals are primary causes of fine lines and wrinkles.     

So, these chemical based beauty products do provide significant results but also cause damage to your skin. Therefore, switch to Certified Organic Beauty Products in Australia.


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